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[Cloud Computingyikanyunpan

Description: Based on the PHP language development uploaded to the cloud and download to the cloud
Platform: PHP | Size: 17KB | Author: 薛瑞星 | Hits: 0

[Cloud Computingles-2

Description: LBM+LES simulation of flow
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 3KB | Author: 魏义坤 | Hits: 0

[Cloud ComputingSqlBulkCopy_Excel_Insert

Platform: C# | Size: 14KB | Author: anand | Hits: 0

[Cloud Computingqingxixml

Description: Parse xml file parsing xml file parsing xml file parsing xml file
Platform: Python | Size: 1092KB | Author: chc | Hits: 0

[Cloud Computingmain

Description: Using a cloud scripting language Python, the Python write a calculator program to achieve arithmetic, parentheses, power operation
Platform: Python | Size: 1KB | Author: 贾建帮 | Hits: 0

[Cloud Computingftp_updater

Description: This program upload your files when you change some file. You should create one file called ftp_data.txt to configure: Format of ftp_data.txt host user pass hostPath localPath file1,file2,... [port = 21] Example: user pass /public_html/sincr/ C:\Users\user\Documents\programming file.js,other.c
Platform: C++ | Size: 8022KB | Author: | Hits: 0

[Cloud ComputingJN4

Description: Southeast University cloud competition for preliminary fourth question, the use of technology: spark, Language: java
Platform: Java | Size: 69KB | Author: 吴酒 | Hits: 0

[Cloud ComputingJN3

Description: Southeast University cloud competition for preliminary third question, the use of technology: spark, Language: java
Platform: Java | Size: 193KB | Author: 吴酒 | Hits: 0

[Cloud ComputingJN1

Description: wordcount+document,Southeast University for cloud computing skills first preliminary round match title
Platform: Java | Size: 2325KB | Author: 吴酒 | Hits: 0

[Cloud Computingjnbus

Description: Transit system for php+ mysql provide data for Jinan. Welcome everyone to use. Also be on the line in other areas
Platform: PHP | Size: 30KB | Author: 小石头 | Hits: 0

[Cloud Computinggnuplot-4.6.6.tar

Description: Gnuplot是一个命令行的交互式绘图工具(command-driven interactive function plotting program)。用户通过输入命令,可以逐步设置或修改绘图环境,并以图形描述数据或函数,使我们可以借由图形做更进一步的分析。 gnuplot是由Colin Kelly和Thomas Williams于1986年开始开发的科学绘图工具,支持二维和三维图形。它的功能是把数据资料和数学函数转换为容易观察的平面或立体的图形,它有两种工作方式,交互式方式和批处理方式,它可以让使用者很容易地读入外部的数据结果,在屏幕上显示图形,并且可以选择和修改图形的画法,明显地表现出数据的特性。
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 4941KB | Author: wangjia | Hits: 0

[Cloud Computingopenflow-spec-v1.3.1

Description: This document Reading the document Openflow1.3.1 version of the protocol, for SDN developer reference
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 860KB | Author: 吴奕坤 | Hits: 0
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