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Description: android simple gps application
Platform: Java | Size: 10KB | Author: dadao | Hits: 24


Description: android ebook reader
Platform: Java | Size: 1205KB | Author: dadao | Hits: 35


Description: android under the simple map of routines, using the sdk version of 1.1_r1 use the new version of the sdk s friends Please note that the conversion between versions.
Platform: Java | Size: 600KB | Author: guishenling | Hits: 35


Description: Android gps application. Allow you to record your trip onto your device.Display current gps position time and speed.Export it by email and store it onto your sdcard at gpx format.
Platform: Java | Size: 561KB | Author: aimi0706 | Hits: 48


Description: Tesla is a PC media player remote control app for the Android platform. Designed for Linux distributions like Ubuntu, it interacts with the music and video players on your PC over a Wifi network.
Platform: Java | Size: 5105KB | Author: aimi0706 | Hits: 92


Description: android
Platform: Java | Size: 62KB | Author: tb1over | Hits: 5


Description: How to build android development platform division of work, the actual work item, the content is very detailed
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 54KB | Author: dqzwuwei | Hits: 30


Description: Simple terms Android- Google handheld application programming. Android to provide free and cross-platform integrated development environment
Platform: Java | Size: 1025KB | Author: jeson615 | Hits: 32


Description: Introduction application framework concept, the original management and characteristics of the application of the framework set out design skills. That is, how to build application framework.
Platform: Java | Size: 5809KB | Author: jeson615 | Hits: 7


Description: Development of a new version of Android tutorial+ Notes 7- basic UI programming 1.doc, a new version of Android development tutorial+ notes 12- file access, database programming. Doc
Platform: Java | Size: 8024KB | Author: jeson615 | Hits: 162


Description: Android Development Tutorial & Notes- the basis of entry, the environment and analytic structures, Dalvik ADB
Platform: Java | Size: 3266KB | Author: jeson615 | Hits: 119


Description: a sample for android handler
Platform: Java | Size: 112KB | Author: xiaker | Hits: 14
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