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[Certification book70-299V14chineseversion

Description: 70-299 V14 Chinese version Chinese version of 70-299 V14
Platform: Windows_Unix | Size: 5706KB | Author: | Hits: 1

[Certification bookgraduate

Description: Study section of the re-on the subject, I collected a lot of topics on the machine, for Computer Science students is very important
Platform: Others | Size: 18KB | Author: gvl6513804 | Hits: 69

[Certification booknetsecurity

Description: Network Security Guide (national security information-based internal information), is training when I get back, and everyone shared.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 4682KB | Author: yuankang163 | Hits: 170

[Certification bookhuawei_mianshi

Description: Huawei pen interview questions, mainly C language grammar questions, with answers
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 4KB | Author: duanjun1987618 | Hits: 876

[Certification bookteach

Description: Teacher Training Information
Platform: DOS | Size: 1067KB | Author: liangying1124 | Hits: 4

[Certification booknetwork_review

Description: Network Section Review Problems of a very good test review information, set out a framework to focus the hook out, making breakthroughs in key areas. Come on!
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 664KB | Author: 498228686 | Hits: 11

[Certification bookbeihang_shiti

Description: BUAA computer study section of the paper, including data structures, operating systems, computer components and so on, absolutely真题, relentless valuable
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 3916KB | Author: duanjun1987618 | Hits: 81

[Certification bookwangluogongchengshishitiyujieda

Description: Network Engineer Test calendar year and to answer questions one-volume edition (updated 07.05)
Platform: CHM | Size: 1522KB | Author: renhaiguhong520 | Hits: 22

[Certification bookC_Programming_practice

Description: Nankai 3 PC title on the machine 100. Would like to test for the three-tier PC computer examinations, it is good preparation materials. 100 title to do this to ensure that you can easily have a PC-3 trial!
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 600KB | Author: hcwbruce | Hits: 17

[Certification booknetengineer

Description: The book consists of 20 chapters, divided into five parts. In chapter 1, the introduction covers the generation and development of the network, the main functions, classification, and network architecture and the ISO/OSI reference model. The first part (chapter 2 ~ 3) introduction to data communication knowledge, basic concept and basic theories involved in data communication, the transmission medium, the multiplexing technology, data exchange technology, modem technology and the physical layer interface technology, etc. The second part (chapters 4-6) discusses various underlying networking technologies, involving various wan, LAN and high-speed LAN technologies. The third part (chapter 7 ~ 11) discusses network interconnection technology and its related protocols, which involve network interconnection, TCP/IP reference model, IP, ARP and ICMP, IP routing, and TCP and UDP. The fourth part (chapter 12 ~ 17) discuss interaction network application mode as well as a variety of specific network applications, client/server model, socket programming interface, the domain name system (DNS), Telnet (Telnet), file transfer and access, E-mail and the world wide web. Part v (chapter 18-19) discusses network security and management. Finally, chapter 20 briefly introduces the future development of network technology. Book is mainly for computer majors in colleges and universities undergraduate and junior graduate student as the computer network curriculum teaching material use, but also for computer network designers, developers, and managers used as technical reference books.
Platform: MultiPlatform | Size: 1277KB | Author: moming4080 | Hits: 91

[Certification bookCCNP1

Description: The courseware and notes of my CCNP training are complete and include various network configurations.
Platform: Others | Size: 7444KB | Author: linhua86 | Hits: 182

[Certification book111112220102001

Description: Very detailed OSPF command set, the command set by the network of small rookie sum up, wish to express my gratitude
Platform: Others | Size: 145KB | Author: scwfeng | Hits: 2
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