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[Certification bookqinghuagaoshu

Description: Tsinghua basic class handout [all] - higher mathematics part, tsinghua's high number examination and research foundation review class with its authoritative teaching philosophy to help candidates better grasp the high number of review methods
Platform: Others | Size: 2724KB | Author: juilazhu05 | Hits: 51

[Certification bookshuxuezhongdian

Description: Study section of the review focused on higher mathematics and the typical questions, comprehensive and insightful summary of the high number of review when the review should focus on seizing the questions.
Platform: Others | Size: 6KB | Author: juilazhu05 | Hits: 6

[Certification bookgaoshuchunjijiangyi

Description: Advanced mathematics classes in spring all the notes, is divided into three parts, described in detail a thorough and appropriate study section of the people who prepare for war
Platform: Others | Size: 1030KB | Author: juilazhu05 | Hits: 25

[Certification bookzhenti

Description: 2008 Mathematics真题one study section of the download, the content of clear, high resolution, suitable for science and engineering study section of the people who prepare for download
Platform: Others | Size: 150KB | Author: juilazhu05 | Hits: 3

[Certification bookaspnetText

Description: Online collection of some of the ASP. NET face questions+ Answer
Platform: Windows_Unix | Size: 1176KB | Author: yuxiakun1987 | Hits: 26

[Certification book2vb

Description: National Computer Rank Examination (Visual Basic), a very useful software!
Platform: Visual Basic | Size: 10729KB | Author: skdzks | Hits: 9

[Certification bookflashteaching

Description: If you have not used the software, then we introduced another Macromedia s Flash software will enable you to quickly catch up with the pace of the times
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 407KB | Author: shangtingyu | Hits: 1

[Certification bookATAWindows2000

Description: windows 2000 ATA Certification
Platform: Windows_Unix | Size: 350KB | Author: susx18 | Hits: 2

[Certification book20071112160912

Description: Examination papers 1234567
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 364KB | Author: | Hits: 1

[Certification bookpart2

Description: err
Platform: MultiPlatform | Size: 444KB | Author: 5implelove | Hits: 24

[Certification bookpart1

Description: Compiler Construction Principles of teaching courseware, National University of Defense Technology books supporting courseware version of good, very useful for self-study, which is chapter 1-5.
Platform: MultiPlatform | Size: 774KB | Author: 5implelove | Hits: 58

[Certification book3dsmax9chinesecourse

Description: 3Ds Max9 English standard curriculum, curriculum design, exercise answer
Platform: Others | Size: 380KB | Author: david_cung | Hits: 59
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