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Description: RC500 and AT89S52 circuit for RFID
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 188KB | Author: guodong819 | Hits: 66


Description: computation of conformal maps to polygonally bounded regions
Platform: matlab | Size: 370KB | Author: xiongzhilan | Hits: 7


Description: hs4905 non-contact chip card readers read the source code of 4442, all functions are debugging through
Platform: Others | Size: 115KB | Author: kwtlyf | Hits: 21


Description: hs4905 non-contact chip card readers T5557 Reading the source code, all functions are debugging through
Platform: Others | Size: 84KB | Author: kwtlyf | Hits: 134


Description: high-frequency source fm1702 card fm1702 Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. production ISO14443 standards-based non-contact chip card readers
Platform: Others | Size: 85KB | Author: kwtlyf | Hits: 281


Description: RFID HF Mifare S50 technical specifications
Platform: Others | Size: 58KB | Author: calvin.zhu | Hits: 43


Description: DPLL realize source, has a great reference value. By the phase detector counter modulus K addition and subtraction circuit synchronous pulse addition and subtraction to establish surveillance mode N divider circuit constituted.
Platform: Others | Size: 2KB | Author: sharny | Hits: 240


Description: DPLL phase detector by the addition and subtraction counter modulus K synchronous pulse addition and subtraction circuit detection circuit establishing mode N divider constituted. The entire system of the center frequency (ie signal_in and signal_out the code rate of 2 times) for clk/8/N. Modulus K addition and subtraction of the K value of Counter DPLL decision accuracy and synchronization set-up time, K the greater the synchronization set-up time is long, synchronous and high accuracy. In contrast the short and low.
Platform: Others | Size: 1KB | Author: | Hits: 53


Description: RFID classical aspects of the book, detailing the principles of RFID and key technologies.
Platform: matlab | Size: 1621KB | Author: xjs | Hits: 71


Description: This procedure RFID card reader of the source code, hope that they will be when everyone has to help make RFID
Platform: Others | Size: 3KB | Author: longagef | Hits: 73


Description: RFID secondary modulation signals I, Q demodulator related model can be directly run
Platform: Delphi | Size: 5KB | Author: yuxiaojing727089 | Hits: 20


Description: Binary tree anti-collision algorithm, binary tree algorithm to avoid the use of RFID interference
Platform: Others | Size: 258KB | Author: guolynn | Hits: 212
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