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[transportation applications20060310181531

Description: an air ticket system, curriculum design done! Using MVC Framework
Platform: Java | Size: 431KB | Author: sdfjlu | Hits: 38

[transportation applicationsa628tva

Description: Audi A6 2.4T ecu Parts : mpfi-V6 ecu modified object code. Modified goals : enhancing about 1.2 seconds maximum torque to be lower than 2475 switch. Next time value of 80,000 yuan on the German touring cars use ecu p/n : M.1.5.4 ecu modified files.
Platform: MultiPlatform | Size: 19KB | Author: bg8wj | Hits: 35

[transportation applicationstraffic_map

Description: stmeditor urban transit map editor source code sample maps generated sample ex epack urban transit map editor binaries and use
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 2477KB | Author: qianga | Hits: 26

[transportation applicationsST_Design

Description: common aerodynamic function category C code that applies to aeronautical engineering calculation
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 4KB | Author: | Hits: 166

[transportation applicationsdianpen

Description: This is a win98 reception interrupted vxd source, and I hope to have this area who need help
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 103KB | Author: presidentofchina | Hits: 4

[transportation applicationshangkong313

Description: aviation management system a viation management system
Platform: Visual Basic | Size: 43KB | Author: zhuiming20040218 | Hits: 6

[transportation applicationsjlxt

Description: system as "Balance System", serial communication, with database
Platform: Visual Basic | Size: 202KB | Author: wangfucheng | Hits: 116

[transportation applicationspacking2006code

Description: purpose of the procedure used to calculate container load can be calculated maximum load placed methods, functions have basically achieved, the actual square can be used for any storage space of a square object computing problems, but currently only the text output. Back to explore the use of procedures, the general algorithm, a standard algorithm can be improved.
Platform: VFP | Size: 3597KB | Author: xinkou9725 | Hits: 36

[transportation applicationsCVPower

Description: vehicle dynamics analysis procedures. Vehicles, air and dynamic works can refer to the notice, as Matlab GUI classic example. Welcome to download.
Platform: matlab | Size: 1415KB | Author: yujunwei99 | Hits: 174

[transportation applicationsPLAST_FEM

Description: nonlinear finite element calculation procedures, the use of finite element modeling, nonlinear solution, data incomplete
Platform: MultiPlatform | Size: 47KB | Author: duckey_x | Hits: 97

[transportation applicationsBusLine_src

Description: this is my learning Java operating XML documents prepared by small software, data storage using XML document formats, the road map search using search algorithm. (The right to operate using XML jdom), which was earlier writing code and more recent is busy doing no changes in my personal blog on the compiler to issue the jar packet, a lot of people want to source, and so on upload onto a :)
Platform: Java | Size: 61KB | Author: rochoc | Hits: 22

[transportation applicationscurrent10.59

Description: PB transport management system 1. Transport enterprise systems management through the system to manage user data, backup and restore the database. 2. Transport systems through the application of the system to manage the vehicles, drivers and operational information, accident information, the completion of daily use. A design document
Platform: SQL | Size: 3428KB | Author: fbst006 | Hits: 95
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