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[transportation applicationselectricitysystem.Rar

Description: was very exciting, we learn together. There is also the system that the use of such tests. Valuable
Platform: WORD | Size: 520KB | Author: fjdh_011 | Hits: 11

[transportation applicationssectionstresscalculation.Rar

Description: for the bridge component, depending on the input section and the external stress calculation
Platform: TEXT | Size: 22KB | Author: huweian2000 | Hits: 177

[transportation applicationscircularsectionreinforcementdesignandstrengt

Description: bridge for the cross section, for example, can be reinforced piers and Strength
Platform: TEXT | Size: 30KB | Author: huweian2000 | Hits: 187

[transportation applicationssectionintensity.Rar

Description: under the bridge section and the reinforcement force to verify the strength
Platform: TEXT | Size: 32KB | Author: huweian2000 | Hits: 158

[transportation applicationssectionreinforcementdesign.Rar

Description: arbitrary section can be imported under the bridge section on norms as reinforcement calculation.
Platform: TEXT | Size: 34KB | Author: huweian2000 | Hits: 200

[transportation applicationslinerentalhotelbookingsystem.Rar

Description: a useful things I hope you would like to thank everyone for their support site
Platform: ASP | Size: 928KB | Author: LUCKBOY994418 | Hits: 37

[transportation applicationsthinsectionofthegeometriccharacteristics.Ra

Description: calculating box-shaped bridge characteristics, including size, shape from the heart, heart-shaped shaft from the surface in the end, the moment of inertia of the X-axis, Y-axis of the moment of inertia, the Liberal reverse moment of inertia, the moment of inertia 450052
Platform: TEXT | Size: 38KB | Author: huweian2000 | Hits: 190

[transportation applicationssimulatedairticketingsystem.Rar

Description: air ticketing system. By simulation center, scheduled to be completed votes, ticketing, basic features, such as a refund
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 2KB | Author: songwei6072 | Hits: 51

[transportation applicationstrafficinquirysystem.Rar

Description: (1) to provide information on the city editor (add or delete) function. (2) Town between the two modes : Train and aircraft. Schedules for the train and flights for editing (created or deleted) function. (3) provide two Optimal strategy : to reach the fastest or the most money arrived. consider a whole only means of transport. (4) journey to the total time spent should include transit stations waiting time. (5) advice to computer users and the dialogue manner. supported input from the starting point, the principle of optimal strategy the transport, importation of information : how long the fastest to reach, or at least the number of travel to reach and detail what followed when the train ride or which one flight to wherever.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 530KB | Author: ggboy1983 | Hits: 119

[transportation applicationsaircraftcountingsystemsetcurriculumdesignso

Description: aircraft counting system set curriculum design source, the system is in three of his prepared. Also feeling. It may be inappropriate places. Please friends more guidance!
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 15KB | Author: yangxiang999 | Hits: 63

[transportation applicationsmyMileage-0[1].30.tar

Description: myMileage is a simple system for you to learn to vehicle miles traveled
Platform: Java | Size: 72KB | Author: shuangjie1980 | Hits: 5

[transportation applicationsvehiclemanagementsystem.Rar

Description: vehicle management system can be designed as a graduation with socio-economic development, the use of the vehicles, more and more people have for a large number of various types of vehicles in public vehicles is increasingly becoming the day-to-day management of the affairs of an important content of the work. How managers understand the vehicle condition, the driver position and reasonable arrangements trapped and improve work efficiency, and improve vehicle efficiency, reduce costs and the use of vehicle maintenance costs, as the unit is expecting the issue.
Platform: Java | Size: 40KB | Author: jkhwj166 | Hits: 228
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