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[Education soft systemsummarystudentmanagementsystemclanguagevers

Description: student management system simple language version of c
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 10KB | Author: welcomecool | Hits: 57

[Education soft systemtsgl

Description: prepared by the C language library management procedures
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 48KB | Author: whitelily7 | Hits: 20

[Education soft systemLocalUMIB

Description: most suitable for the establishment of schools to delete groups of students or student user folder, and for the students of folders designated authority
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 29KB | Author: justinside | Hits: 8

[Education soft systemSTUDENTMANAGE

Description: a two-way linked list with the students to achieve information management DOS version can be plugged into inquiries ranking editors deleted to preserve relevant information shows
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 2KB | Author: tchen_820417 | Hits: 37

[Education soft systemcoursesstudentsregistrationsystem.Rar

Description: students Course Management Information System-source
Platform: Delphi | Size: 3680KB | Author: yljun22 | Hits: 53

[Education soft systemStuMng12

Description: free student management system
Platform: Visual Basic | Size: 842KB | Author: wxgdwz5275 | Hits: 42

[Education soft systemxuejiguanli

Description: - A simple student information management system is used to complete the MFC ODBC
Platform: C++ | Size: 330KB | Author: | Hits: 46

[Education soft systemstudents

Description: Student Information Management System
Platform: Visual Basic | Size: 1832KB | Author: feixuelingtian | Hits: 41

[Education soft systemthreelibrarymanagementsystemsourcecode.Rar

Description: one. Decompression of a directory, compile and run pRegServer.prg to registration database. 2. Open ProjectGroup1.bpg, compile and install all COM components of a package. 3. Derived client kits. 4. The client installation kits ServerSide client proxy. (If the same machine running, three, four-step can be omitted) 5. Put the directory of RServerName ServerName.ini value to you Win2k installation services kits from the machine. 6. It can be compiled and run the client. (The experimental version of the client called Procject1.prg) this version only to achieve the registration of some chaos.
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 133KB | Author: kedey | Hits: 17

[Education soft systemsy3

Description: This is a very good C program. It can manage the Student
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 1KB | Author: happy19992008 | Hits: 6

[Education soft systemstudentScore(v6.0)

Description: student performance management systems to achieve the vc, the database category of a good learning process
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 337KB | Author: ybrnathan | Hits: 83

[Education soft systemcoursesandscoresManagementSystem(upgradever

Description: courses and scores Management System (upgrade version)
Platform: Java | Size: 383KB | Author: marswdl | Hits: 15
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