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[Other systemsmotor-and-drag-(2)

Description: Motor and drag curriculum projects, the inherent characteristic of asynchronous motors and artificial characteristic curve
Platform: matlab | Size: 93KB | Author: 吴强 | Hits: 0


Description: convolution calculation
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 1KB | Author: Yang | Hits: 0


Description: The source is the use of FPGA control DDR2 chip vhdl source, and the use of modelsim simulation software test code
Platform: VHDL | Size: 12736KB | Author: 冯鹏飞 | Hits: 0


Description: Latin hypercube sampling is a common method of initialization, which makes the population initialization more uniform
Platform: matlab | Size: 1KB | Author: 安逸 | Hits: 0


Description: This code is FPGA control read and write ddrFLASH the source code.
Platform: VHDL | Size: 23189KB | Author: 冯鹏飞 | Hits: 0

[Visual C++ Booksplun_deverlop.cPP

Description: Plug-in development, including ActiveX and plug FreFox
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 40KB | Author: 习文晋 | Hits: 0

[Energy industrypvMPPT1

Description: pv disturb-mppt model,contain the whole circuit, tested and available
Platform: matlab | Size: 17KB | Author: 付豪 | Hits: 0

[HardWare Design2.4G--F

Description: 2.4G ANT
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 15KB | Author: 段传友 | Hits: 0

[Other systemsMATLAB--function

Description: Meaning and use of various functions, introduced in MATLAB
Platform: matlab | Size: 542KB | Author: 吴强 | Hits: 0

[Graph programCSharp

Description: tcp socket
Platform: C# | Size: 150KB | Author: linlumeng | Hits: 0

[Special EffectsUntitled1

Description: Video conversion and image motion detection, hog and SVM pedestrian detection
Platform: matlab | Size: 1KB | Author: 吴强 | Hits: 0

[Game Hook Crack8001_exe_luosiDLL_src

Description: StoneAge luosiSA 8001.exe DLL source code, with 32 color support
Platform: C++ Builder | Size: 1548KB | Author: Daniel Meng | Hits: 0

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