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Title: 数字带通系统传输代码 Download
 Description: This code is used in digital band-pass system, including Matlab code in BPSK and QPSK modulation transmission.
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红外遥控实验\BPSK.m 1686 2021-01-06
红外遥控实验\BPSK1.m 2882 2021-01-06
红外遥控实验\BPSK2.m 2961 2021-01-06
红外遥控实验\BPSKQPSK.m 2721 2021-01-06
红外遥控实验\QPSK.m 1686 2021-01-06
红外遥控实验\QPSK1.m 3035 2021-01-06
红外遥控实验\QPSK2.m 3107 2021-01-06
红外遥控实验 0 2021-01-06

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