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Title: photomorpher Download
 Description: JS simple slideshow image code switch from abroad, call Photo plugin page focus Morpher slide switch, this is the Photo Morpher plugin instances of usage, use it for the money with a picture of a, the next, play and pause control browser, used to view the image is quite convenient.This is for the use of foreign websites, a few years ago is more of an image for the special effects, learn the principle of implementation is not redundant.
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srcfans.com\photomorpher\images\1.jpg 44264 2012-10-22
srcfans.com\photomorpher\images\2.jpg 144180 2012-10-22
srcfans.com\photomorpher\images\3.jpg 86365 2012-10-22
srcfans.com\photomorpher\index.html 6407 2017-07-09
srcfans.com\photomorpher\photomorpher.css 2746 2017-07-09
srcfans.com\photomorpher\photomorpher.js 5876 2006-06-25
srcfans.com\photomorpher\photomorpher_commented.js 9965 2017-07-09
srcfans.com\photomorpher\images 0 2017-07-09
srcfans.com\photomorpher 0 2017-07-09
srcfans.com 0 2017-07-09

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