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Title: shp2mysql-win-64 Download
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  • 2021-04-08
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  • kaka2021
 Description: 'm not expert in Perl, but you can try use the command cpan. I followed the default steps to configure it (except What approach do you want?, when I chose sudo, but I'm not sure). Then run the command:
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shp2mysql-win-64 0 2020-01-04
shp2mysql-win-64\iconv.dll 34816 2020-01-04
shp2mysql-win-64\LICENSE 2363 2020-01-04
shp2mysql-win-64\README.md 999 2020-01-04
shp2mysql-win-64\shp2mysql.exe 2083474 2020-01-04

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