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 Description: Through the iterative method and Snell's law, the lens that meets the LED uniform lighting conditions is designed to make the ophthalmic medical flashlight emit uniform light intensity and realize the design of uniform lighting.
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程序\reflect.m 576 2010-06-25
程序\reflectN.m 565 2010-06-25
程序\refract.asv 1211 2012-11-30
程序\refract.m 1327 2012-11-30
程序\refractN.m 961 2010-09-05
程序\riPMMA.m 599 2019-07-09
程序\SplRev.m 3279 2018-06-14
程序\uiniform1.m 4200 2020-08-13
程序 0 2020-11-18

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