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Title: UseMonitor Download
 Description: Multithreaded C to create three threads, simulation and monitoring operation, create a thread and bind the TestRun method, and displays the thread to allow access to public resources, access to exclusive lock on the synchronization objects, do some time-consuming simulation, demonstrates how to synchronize threads.Please see the following code: private Object obj = new Object ();/ / define synchronization object private int I = 0;/ / integer variables, is used to output shows public void TestRun () / / define the thread binding method {Monitor. Enter (obj);/ / on the synchronization object access to exclusive lock Console. WriteLine (" the initial value of the I: "i.T oString ());Thread.sleep (1000);/ / simulation with some time-consuming work I;/ / variable (I) on the Console. WriteLine (" I after the increase of value is: "i.T oString ());The Monitor. The Exit (obj);/ / out of sync}
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srcfans.com\UseMonitor\UseMonitor.sln 920 2010-09-07
srcfans.com\UseMonitor\UseMonitor.suo 11264 2010-09-07
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