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Title: vbftpjr Download
 Description: Examples of an FTP program, but this is to support the proxy server, written in VB FTP example, support the proxy server.This program VB website also from abroad, a lot of comments in the code, but in English.The appearance of the FTP program, it seems, are still need to improve, and the present popular, CuteFTP, FlashFXP has the very big difference, even say a little crude, but this code is the main learning oriented, good English study can download the source code.
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codesc.net\一个FTP程序的例子,不过这个是支持代理服务器的\closed.bmp 222 1995-07-21
codesc.net\一个FTP程序的例子,不过这个是支持代理服务器的\fmVBFTPJR.frm 18238 1997-04-25
codesc.net\一个FTP程序的例子,不过这个是支持代理服务器的\leaf.bmp 222 1995-07-21
codesc.net\一个FTP程序的例子,不过这个是支持代理服务器的\open.bmp 222 1995-07-21
codesc.net\一个FTP程序的例子,不过这个是支持代理服务器的\Readme.txt 32 1999-09-05
codesc.net\一个FTP程序的例子,不过这个是支持代理服务器的\root.bmp 238 1997-04-04
codesc.net\一个FTP程序的例子,不过这个是支持代理服务器的\vbftpjr.vbp 740 1997-04-25
codesc.net\一个FTP程序的例子,不过这个是支持代理服务器的\vbftpjr.vbw 90 2018-09-12
codesc.net\一个FTP程序的例子,不过这个是支持代理服务器的\WININET.Bas 10116 2018-09-12
codesc.net\一个FTP程序的例子,不过这个是支持代理服务器的 0 2018-09-12
codesc.net 0 2018-09-12

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