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 Description: You can determine who is using resources on your local computer with the "net" command ("net session"), however, there is no built-in way to determine who is using the resources of a remote computer. In addition, NT comes with no tools to see who is logged onto a computer, either locally or remotely. PsLoggedOn is an applet that displays both the locally logged on users and users logged on via resources for either the local computer, or a remote one. If you specify a user name instead of a computer, PsLoggedOn searches the computers in the network neighborhood and tells you if the user is currently logged on. Full source code is included.
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loggedon.aps 32216 2006-03-24
loggedon.c 16832 2006-03-24
loggedon.dsp 4330 2000-10-14
loggedon.dsw 539 1999-05-28
loggedon.ncb 50176 2006-03-24
loggedon.opt 53760 2006-03-24
loggedon.plg 1299 2006-03-24
loggedon.rc 2631 2006-03-24
resource.h 412 2000-09-17
Eula.txt 6835 2006-07-19

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