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Title: vbMF2D.frm Download
 Description: VB6.0 by use rubik's cube game source code, game description: after the start of the game, click on the left side of the square around a rubik's cube piece, can make the rubik's cube blocks in the row or column in a certain direction, the four colors of rubik's cube blocks according to the following rules to arrange the game task: the first line of red;The second line of green;The third line blue;In the fourth row yellow.
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codesc.net\平面魔方游戏编程模拟\MF2D.frm 22202 2015-10-10
codesc.net\平面魔方游戏编程模拟\MF2D.frx 134120 2009-05-07
codesc.net\平面魔方游戏编程模拟\MF2D.vbp 691 2009-05-07
codesc.net\平面魔方游戏编程模拟\MF2D.vbw 50 2009-05-07
codesc.net\平面魔方游戏编程模拟\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 189 2009-05-07
codesc.net\平面魔方游戏编程模拟 0 2015-10-10
codesc.net 0 2015-10-10

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