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Title: html5-wave-player Download
 Description: Page slide switch, pictures show, today brings a focus of web pages based on HTML 5 figure, shaded 3 d effect, left and right arrows to switch images, can automatically play, switch the image, show the effect of the water lines.Such a focus effects is the use of CSS 3 SVG technology, image switching effect is very smooth, visual effect praised, are interested in downloading bent package.
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codesc.net\html5-wave-image-player\img\1.jpg 114952 2017-07-03
codesc.net\html5-wave-image-player\img\2.jpg 277987 2017-07-03
codesc.net\html5-wave-image-player\img\3.jpg 102279 2017-07-03
codesc.net\html5-wave-image-player\img\4.jpg 140701 2017-07-03
codesc.net\html5-wave-image-player\index.html 10633 2018-08-17
codesc.net\html5-wave-image-player\img 0 2018-08-17
codesc.net\html5-wave-image-player 0 2018-08-17
codesc.net 0 2018-08-17

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