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Title: waveplay Download
 Description: VB play WAV files and display the spectrum diagram, display waveform figure, in the process of play, can be used to zoom in and out operation of oscillogram and friend without WAV files, can be in the system tray/Windows/Media directory found, program a little improvement, can play other format of multimedia files.
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codesc.net\waveplay\frmMain.frm 18488 2015-01-07
codesc.net\waveplay\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 193 2004-12-25
codesc.net\waveplay\TimeEdit100.ctl 10589 2008-12-17
codesc.net\waveplay\TimeEdit100.ctx 352 2005-02-25
codesc.net\waveplay\waveplay.exe 49152 2005-02-25
codesc.net\waveplay\waveplay.vbp 950 2005-02-25
codesc.net\waveplay\waveplay.vbw 110 2005-02-25
codesc.net\waveplay 0 2015-01-07
codesc.net 0 2015-01-07

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