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Title: ComboBox Download
 Description: VC will be added to the ComboBox control data in the table fields that need to connect to the database, please according to clew operation.Operation note: when using ADO technology, you need to import a ADO dynamic link library msado15. DLL, the dynamic library system disk in the "Program FilesCommon FilesSystemado" directory.Example: if your system disk to disk C, the file is located in "C: \ Program FilesCommon FilesSystemado" directory.So you need to open the project file, and expand "FileView" in the view of "the Header Files" node, and then double-click the "StdAfx. H" file, the code in the "d: Program FilesCommon FilesSystemadomsado15. DLL" changed to "c: \ Program FilesCommon FilesSystemadomsado15. DLL".
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srcfans.com\ComboBox\ComboBox.clw 722 2007-05-08
srcfans.com\ComboBox\ComboBox.cpp 2058 2007-05-08
srcfans.com\ComboBox\ComboBox.dsp 4195 2007-05-08
srcfans.com\ComboBox\ComboBox.dsw 541 2007-05-08
srcfans.com\ComboBox\ComboBox.h 1346 2007-05-08
srcfans.com\ComboBox\ComboBox.plg 1864 2007-05-08
srcfans.com\ComboBox\ComboBox.rc 4488 2007-05-08
srcfans.com\ComboBox\ComboBoxDlg.cpp 3320 2007-05-08
srcfans.com\ComboBox\ComboBoxDlg.h 1358 2007-05-08
srcfans.com\ComboBox\mrsoft.mdb 122880 2007-05-08
srcfans.com\ComboBox\res\ComboBox.ico 1078 2007-05-08
srcfans.com\ComboBox\res\ComboBox.rc2 400 2007-05-08
srcfans.com\ComboBox\resource.h 548 2007-05-08
srcfans.com\ComboBox\StdAfx.cpp 210 2007-05-08
srcfans.com\ComboBox\StdAfx.h 1098 2007-05-08
srcfans.com\ComboBox\程序使用说明.txt 446 2007-05-08
srcfans.com\ComboBox\res 0 2017-02-27
srcfans.com\ComboBox 0 2017-02-27
srcfans.com 0 2017-02-27

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