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Title: e_clock Download
 Description: Delphi simulation round the clock example code, circular pointer electronic watch, at the time of beginners Delphi, all like to do some small procedures, to enrich their own Delphi programming experience, these small programs is indeed a quite good choice, oh.
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codesc.net\e_clock\Pro_colock.cfg 386 2003-08-04
codesc.net\e_clock\Pro_colock.dof 2014 2003-08-04
codesc.net\e_clock\Pro_colock.dpr 190 2003-07-06
codesc.net\e_clock\Pro_colock.res 876 2003-07-06
codesc.net\e_clock\Unit1.dcu 8517 2003-08-06
codesc.net\e_clock\Unit1.ddp 51 2003-08-06
codesc.net\e_clock\Unit1.dfm 710 2003-08-06
codesc.net\e_clock\Unit1.pas 4157 2003-08-06
codesc.net\e_clock 0 2014-09-27
codesc.net 0 2014-09-27

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