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Title: chuantou Download
 Description: Demo transparency window penetration, VB desktop elf add ICONS to the task bar area, and support the right-click pop-up menu control, can be to set the transparency of desktop calendar, set the mouse penetrating parameters, etc.Eventually run effect as shown in the test shots.
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srcfans.com\鼠标穿透效果\Frm_Trans.frm 1210 2010-04-23
srcfans.com\鼠标穿透效果\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 339 2008-06-15
srcfans.com\鼠标穿透效果\启动窗体.frm 3418 2017-05-16
srcfans.com\鼠标穿透效果\启动窗体.frx 7290 2010-04-23
srcfans.com\鼠标穿透效果\日历.frm 58953 2009-01-08
srcfans.com\鼠标穿透效果\日历.frx 338 2009-01-08
srcfans.com\鼠标穿透效果\日历.vbw 424 2008-06-13
srcfans.com\鼠标穿透效果\明日桌面精灵.vbp 2745 2010-04-23
srcfans.com\鼠标穿透效果\明日桌面精灵.vbw 195 2010-10-25
srcfans.com\鼠标穿透效果 0 2017-05-16
srcfans.com 0 2017-05-16

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