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Title: pukeflash Download
 Description: A game of CARDS written in Delphi based animation effects, is not a complete game, but a dynamic effect generated by the card, a Delphi examples related to image processing, such as demonstration, as shown in the screenshot of the generated animation effect is very good, or license as a reference.Part of the code is as follows:
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codesc.net\puke\card.dcu 5088 2005-05-15
codesc.net\puke\card.pas 3096 2005-03-30
codesc.net\puke\card.RES 247536 2005-03-30
codesc.net\puke\Project1.dof 2472 2005-05-20
codesc.net\puke\Project1.dpr 232 2005-05-20
codesc.net\puke\Project1.res 1588 2005-05-20
codesc.net\puke\Unit1.dcu 6197 2005-05-20
codesc.net\puke\Unit1.ddp 51 2005-05-20
codesc.net\puke\Unit1.dfm 915 2005-05-17
codesc.net\puke\Unit1.pas 3991 2005-05-20
codesc.net\puke\说明.txt 381 2005-05-20
codesc.net\puke 0 2015-10-19
codesc.net 0 2015-10-19

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