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Title: diskzhengli Download
 Description: VB disk defragmenter - sorting disk file, the source has a lot of FSO techniques, such as creating ManageFile folder, create FSO object, using FSO object CreateFolder method to create the folder, create ManageFile folder, according to the current date system to create the folder, create the current date folder and get the number of folders, reference a Stripting Runtime object, add file List box shows the file name to the List box, clear information in a List control before the refresh data, retrieve the extension of the same files, etc., although it is disk defragmenter, but essentially file operations.
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codesc.net\分类整理磁盘文件\Form1.frm 8105 2015-07-28
codesc.net\分类整理磁盘文件\ManageFile.bas 1701 2008-12-26
codesc.net\分类整理磁盘文件\ModPath.bas 1250 2008-10-09
codesc.net\分类整理磁盘文件\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 190 2006-07-05
codesc.net\分类整理磁盘文件\工程1.vbp 717 2008-12-26
codesc.net\分类整理磁盘文件\工程1.vbw 113 2009-03-25
codesc.net\分类整理磁盘文件\ManageFile 0 2013-12-04
codesc.net\分类整理磁盘文件 0 2015-07-28
codesc.net 0 2015-07-28

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