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 Description: Use jquery to achieve a level 2 menu, the menu is a highlight of exceptionally good compatibility, can be compatible with Internet explorer, Firefox 3.5, Opera 8, Safari 3, Chrome and other major browsers, in addition the menu design style is concise, menu style, beautiful code is also very few, novice can also be quickly use this menu on their own web pages.
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codesc.net\兼容的jQuery二级下拉菜单代码\css\body.css 705 2015-10-20
codesc.net\兼容的jQuery二级下拉菜单代码\css\menu.css 714 2011-09-20
codesc.net\兼容的jQuery二级下拉菜单代码\index.html 2556 2015-10-20
codesc.net\兼容的jQuery二级下拉菜单代码\js\jquery.min.js 55774 2015-10-20
codesc.net\兼容的jQuery二级下拉菜单代码\css 0 2015-10-20
codesc.net\兼容的jQuery二级下拉菜单代码\js 0 2015-10-20
codesc.net\兼容的jQuery二级下拉菜单代码 0 2015-10-20
codesc.net 0 2015-10-20

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