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Title: vbTabstrip Download
 Description: VB interface beautiful blue window TAB TAB style, imitation TAB control Windows MediaPlayer player window style, the form and the MediaPlayer very similar style, beautiful VB form, production information management system and the OA system can draw lessons from oh, specific see demo screenshot for running effect.
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codesc.net\TabStrip\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 336 2003-10-15
codesc.net\TabStrip\TabStrip.frm 10728 2015-09-01
codesc.net\TabStrip\TabStrip.frx 183 2003-10-15
codesc.net\TabStrip\TabStrip.vbp 732 2009-03-20
codesc.net\TabStrip\TabStrip.vbw 51 2009-03-20
codesc.net\TabStrip 0 2015-09-01
codesc.net 0 2015-09-01

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