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 Description: Python graphics rendering, today brings a real graphics instance, Python map generated a flag pattern, the five-star red flag, I don't know, thought it was a Python calls up a flag to display images, actually no, this is Python USES many graphics function, is it realistic?The following is running capture effect.
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codesc.net\国旗生成\20161017 guoqi.py 2799 2016-10-24
codesc.net\国旗生成\图片1.jpg 29007 2016-10-24
codesc.net\国旗生成\图片2.jpg 25629 2016-10-24
codesc.net\国旗生成\图片3.jpg 21569 2016-10-24
codesc.net\国旗生成 0 2018-04-25
codesc.net 0 2018-04-25

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