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Title: vbassociate Download
 Description: File associated with open program create - VB program example, define the application way of open, definition and application open file, create a link, double-click the file, you can use the relevant program to open the file, after similar to install a program, automatically open the relevant documentation procedures defined for themselves, is now a lot of player software, after installation, associated MP3 files, MPEG, or RMVB, etc.
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codesc.net\如何建立文件关联\1\Form1.frm 7014 2016-04-29
codesc.net\如何建立文件关联\1\工程1.vbp 734 2007-04-13
codesc.net\如何建立文件关联\1\工程1.vbw 50 2007-04-13
codesc.net\如何建立文件关联\2\associate.bas 3246 2016-04-29
codesc.net\如何建立文件关联\2\associate.frm 1847 2016-04-29
codesc.net\如何建立文件关联\2\associate.frx 164 2007-04-13
codesc.net\如何建立文件关联\2\associate.vbp 674 2007-04-13
codesc.net\如何建立文件关联\2\associate.vbw 80 2007-04-13
codesc.net\如何建立文件关联\2\sample.log 86 2000-05-13
codesc.net\如何建立文件关联\2\说明.txt 63 1998-06-09
codesc.net\如何建立文件关联\1 0 2016-04-29
codesc.net\如何建立文件关联\2 0 2016-04-29
codesc.net\如何建立文件关联 0 2016-04-29
codesc.net 0 2016-04-29

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