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 Description: Delphi 7.0 message within the local area network (LAN), the site has many examples of the collection, study Delphi example of network programming reference, Delphi network message, LAN message example, stay tuned.Within the local area network (LAN) message core code: procedure TFrmSendMessage. Sendmessage (const MSG, tomachine, the from: string).Var: ms PWideChar;The begin: ms = PWIDEChar (WideString (MSG));NetMessageBufferSend (nil, pWidechar (WideString (tomachine)), pWidechar (WideString (from), ms, length (MSG) * 2);The end;Procedure TFrmSendMessage. BtnSendClick (Sender: TObject);The begin Sendmessage (mmMessage. Text, EDTo. Text, EDFrom. The Text).The end;
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codesc.net\在局域网内发消息\Frm_MSG.dcu 5170 2018-08-12
codesc.net\在局域网内发消息\Frm_MSG.ddp 51 2006-08-07
codesc.net\在局域网内发消息\Frm_MSG.dfm 1836 2006-08-07
codesc.net\在局域网内发消息\Frm_MSG.pas 1345 2018-08-12
codesc.net\在局域网内发消息\SendMessage.cfg 420 2006-08-07
codesc.net\在局域网内发消息\SendMessage.dof 2014 2006-08-07
codesc.net\在局域网内发消息\SendMessage.dpr 222 2006-08-07
codesc.net\在局域网内发消息\SendMessage.res 876 2006-08-07
codesc.net\在局域网内发消息 0 2018-08-12
codesc.net 0 2018-08-12

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