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Title: matlab 石墨烯代码 Download
 Description: Graphene is widely used in condensed matter physics, and it is very important to calculate the energy band of graphene
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matlab 石墨烯代码 0 2021-04-04
matlab 石墨烯代码\armchair_NN.m 247 2021-03-20
matlab 石墨烯代码\armchair_NNN.m 335 2021-03-20
matlab 石墨烯代码\graphene_NN.m 340 2021-03-20
matlab 石墨烯代码\graphene_NNN.m 718 2021-03-20
matlab 石墨烯代码\zgzg_NN.m 255 2021-03-20
matlab 石墨烯代码\zgzg_NNN.m 438 2021-04-06

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