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Title: TDBGridbanmaxian Download
 Description: Delphi realize TDBGrid components, according to a zebra crossing is TDBGrid not peers show different color, set the background color of different, let the data showed that more clearer, looks like a zebra crossing, commonly known as interlaced in color, this example is combining with the implementation of the Database, if you want to run normally, please attach the Database used in the Database file, in this case, after additional change the Database connection string.
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codesc.net\TDBGrid组件的斑马线\DataBase\db_sql_Data.MDF 2490368 2008-03-11
codesc.net\TDBGrid组件的斑马线\DataBase\db_sql_Log.LDF 1048576 2008-03-11
codesc.net\TDBGrid组件的斑马线\Main.dfm 3205 2008-03-12
codesc.net\TDBGrid组件的斑马线\Main.pas 1933 2018-08-15
codesc.net\TDBGrid组件的斑马线\Project1.cfg 434 2008-03-12
codesc.net\TDBGrid组件的斑马线\Project1.dof 2352 2008-03-12
codesc.net\TDBGrid组件的斑马线\Project1.dpr 192 2008-03-12
codesc.net\TDBGrid组件的斑马线\Project1.res 876 2008-03-12
codesc.net\TDBGrid组件的斑马线\DataBase 0 2018-08-15
codesc.net\TDBGrid组件的斑马线 0 2018-08-15
codesc.net 0 2018-08-15

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