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 Description: The repository contains a python implementation of the a star algorithm to find the shortest path in an environment with static obstacles. In the algorithm of obstacle interior, the obstacle is hard coded into a group of polygons, triangles and circle class objects. You can easily create your own barriers by modifying this class. The barrier boundary inspection is done by using the concepts of half plane, slope and intercept. A star algorithm involves calculating two costs (operational cost and future cost) for each new node. Using these two costs, the total cost from any given node to a node can be calculated. Grow nodes from any given node to eight directions and calculate the total cost of all newly generated nodes. Finally, when we reach the target node, the algorithm terminates. We maintain the dictionary for all generated nodes, and then use the tail-to-head backtracking principle to get the shortest path. Visualization is done separately by using the MATLAB scripts provided.
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