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Title: Ghidorah Forex EA Version Download
 Description: MT5 platform Strategy type: trend+hedging EA strategy Running currency pairs: 28 currency pairs (hanging: EURUSD, H1 cycle is enough) Main running cycle: H1 cycle Initial capital: $10,000 (starting from 0.01 lot) Pre-annual income: 300% Estimated retracement: 15-25% (with manual intervention) [introduction to strategy] Also known as Malaysia EA, it is a well-known EA, which runs 28 currency pairs at the same time, and the single quantity is relatively large. Three times a year's capital, starting at $10,000 is not suitable for small capital. Because there are 28 currency pairs running at the same time, the unit quantity is relatively large, and there is no requirement for spread. It is best around 30 o'clock in Europe and America, and it is also good to use it to brush bills. Many institutions also use it to brush commissions. As for the monthly income, it is about 10%-20%, depending on the opening amount of the first order. Normally, 0.01 hand starts to run at $10,000.
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Ghidorah Forex EA Version.ex5 171806 2021-02-28

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