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Title: 编译原理词法分析器 Download
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  • C/C++
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  • 2021-02-18
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  • 95bjyxszd95
 Description: a) Start the program, request to input the name of the test program, input the name of the program, start the lexical analysis automatically and output the results; b) The output is a binary sequence of words (see template output 1 and 2 for styles); c) It is required to find the following lexical errors and point out the nature and location of the errors: Illegal characters, which are not symbols of sample character set; The character constant is missing the single quotation mark on the right (the character constant should be defined with single quotation mark on the left and right, and cannot cross lines); The annotation part lacks the right boundary * / (the annotation requires the left and right sides to be delimited by / * and * / respectively, and cannot cross lines)
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编译原理词法分析器\实验一.cpp 4770 2021-02-18
编译原理词法分析器 0 2021-02-18

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