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Title: csTalkServer Download
 Description: C make a server program as an example, to run the server, will be more than a process, in the process of simple server program, and even a code you need to write too much, is just a demo server program, the basic standard of no practical use.
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codesc.net\TalkServer\App.ico 1078 2003-01-20
codesc.net\TalkServer\AssemblyInfo.cs 1846 2003-01-20
codesc.net\TalkServer\Form1.cs 6653 2015-03-30
codesc.net\TalkServer\Form1.resx 5315 2003-01-20
codesc.net\TalkServer\TalkServer.csproj 4411 2003-01-20
codesc.net\TalkServer\TalkServer.csproj.user 1773 2003-01-20
codesc.net\TalkServer\TalkServer.sln 916 2003-01-20
codesc.net\TalkServer\TalkServer.suo 7168 2003-01-20
codesc.net\TalkServer 0 2015-03-30
codesc.net 0 2015-03-30

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