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Title: Ping Download
 Description: C simulation Windows CMD Ping command, the Ping and console the Ping command in the Windows are nearly the same, if the user does not enter any parameters given prompt, initialize an ICMP type Socket, the user provides a host name and cycle parameters (switch, "/ r"), and will call PingHost method hostname passed as a parameter to it, if the user also provides other parameters are ignored, obtains the message content, into a byte array, and then calculate the length of the message.In terms of the checksum algorithm, the binary data in ICMP header 2 bytes as unit to sum up, if the ICMP header is an odd number of bytes, leaving the last byte.The last byte as a 2 bytes high byte of data, and the low byte 0 2 bytes data, continue to accumulate.
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codesc.net\Ping\App.ico 1078 2003-03-12
codesc.net\Ping\AssemblyInfo.cs 2426 2003-03-12
codesc.net\Ping\BIN\Debug\Ping.exe 8192 2003-03-12
codesc.net\Ping\BIN\Debug\Ping.pdb 17920 2003-03-12
codesc.net\Ping\OBJ\Debug\Ping.exe 8192 2003-03-12
codesc.net\Ping\OBJ\Debug\Ping.exe.incr 1494 2003-03-12
codesc.net\Ping\OBJ\Debug\Ping.pdb 17920 2003-03-12
codesc.net\Ping\OBJ\Debug\Ping.projdata 5256 2003-03-12
codesc.net\Ping\Ping.cs 7496 2018-04-26
codesc.net\Ping\Ping.csproj 3765 2003-03-12
codesc.net\Ping\Ping.csproj.user 1772 2003-03-12
codesc.net\Ping\Ping.sln 904 2003-03-12
codesc.net\Ping\Ping.suo 7168 2003-03-12
codesc.net\Ping\OBJ\Debug\TEMP 0 2003-03-19
codesc.net\Ping\OBJ\Debug\TempPE 0 2003-03-19
codesc.net\Ping\BIN\Debug 0 2018-04-26
codesc.net\Ping\OBJ\Debug 0 2018-04-26
codesc.net\Ping\BIN 0 2018-04-26
codesc.net\Ping\OBJ 0 2018-04-26
codesc.net\Ping 0 2018-04-26
codesc.net 0 2018-04-26

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