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Title: csColorpicker Download
 Description: C pick color ColorPicker color selector, screen color tool, the author: zhen-xing zhou.After running pallet display icon in the lower right corner, click to pop up the right-click menu.This color tools like screenshots tools, first run the main window, the color state can hide the main window, and shows the color window, the color finish shows main form, and show the color samples, although the color is we use at ordinary times is not much, but from a programming perspective, it involves many small and fragile programming skills, so it's necessary to know more about the source code.
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codesc.net\GetColor\GetColor\270_3.ico 1150 2008-07-03
codesc.net\GetColor\GetColor\270_4.ico 4286 2008-07-03
codesc.net\GetColor\GetColor\ColorPicker.cs 12609 2015-08-03
codesc.net\GetColor\GetColor\GetColor.csproj 2765 2008-07-05
codesc.net\GetColor\GetColor\MainForm.cs 4314 2015-08-03
codesc.net\GetColor\GetColor\MainForm.Designer.cs 20502 2015-08-03
codesc.net\GetColor\GetColor\MainForm.resx 10340 2008-07-04
codesc.net\GetColor\GetColor\Program.cs 657 2015-08-03
codesc.net\GetColor\GetColor\Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs 1522 2015-08-03
codesc.net\GetColor\GetColor.sln 914 2008-07-02
codesc.net\GetColor\GetColor\Properties 0 2015-08-03
codesc.net\GetColor\GetColor 0 2015-08-03
codesc.net\GetColor 0 2015-08-03
codesc.net 0 2015-08-03

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