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Title: intcov Download
 Description: Source code, all kinds of conversion between hexadecimal VB6.0 by use between decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal conversion to each other, seems to be a nagging question of the VB examples run in VB6.0 by use environment, run the screenshot above.Look very practical, all day in hexadecimal conversion program, this is an example of you to write.
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srcfans.com\进制转换\Form1.frm 16518 2017-07-14
srcfans.com\进制转换\Form1.frx 99371 2005-04-12
srcfans.com\进制转换\Module1.bas 586 2017-07-14
srcfans.com\进制转换\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 190 2005-04-09
srcfans.com\进制转换\工程1.vbp 706 2005-04-12
srcfans.com\进制转换\工程1.vbw 81 2009-11-04
srcfans.com\进制转换 0 2017-07-14
srcfans.com 0 2017-07-14

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