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Title: APIWindowsDemo Download
 Description: VC using Windows API to create the program window, use the API to create window, determine whether the existing application instance running, assignment to window structure of the data members to provisions to establish the characteristics of the window, use CreateWindow () function to create a window, and returns a handle to the window established, four parameters represent x left upper corner of the window, y coordinates, and width and height of the window, use the default, the parent window handle, the handle to the window menu, application instance handle and additional parameters, using the While () loop to create a message loop, close the application window message, a WM_QUIT message, the end of the application, other messages to the Windows default processing.
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srcfans.com\使用Windows API创建程序窗口\APIWindowsDemo\APIWindowsDemo.dsp 4428 2008-06-20
srcfans.com\使用Windows API创建程序窗口\APIWindowsDemo\APIWindowsDemo.dsw 551 2008-06-20
srcfans.com\使用Windows API创建程序窗口\APIWindowsDemo\demo.cpp 3148 2017-06-22
srcfans.com\使用Windows API创建程序窗口\APIWindowsDemo\Debug 0 2015-08-29
srcfans.com\使用Windows API创建程序窗口\APIWindowsDemo 0 2017-06-22
srcfans.com\使用Windows API创建程序窗口 0 2017-06-22
srcfans.com 0 2017-06-22

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