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Title: StringCapslock Download
 Description: Delphi to create a memory mapped file case conversion program, and turned them into uppercase by default, converts a string to all size or the small format, after the compilation process, run the effect as shown in figure, you only need to click on the window of "large oblique or lowercase | | button, for the case of the string conversion function can be realized.The main files in the source code comments are given, easy to learn.
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srcfans.com\Delphi大小写转换\filemap.dcu 5886 2010-08-28
srcfans.com\Delphi大小写转换\filemap.ddp 51 2002-12-07
srcfans.com\Delphi大小写转换\filemap.dfm 1227 2002-12-07
srcfans.com\Delphi大小写转换\filemap.pas 2509 2017-07-12
srcfans.com\Delphi大小写转换\map.cfg 434 2002-12-07
srcfans.com\Delphi大小写转换\map.dof 2014 2002-12-07
srcfans.com\Delphi大小写转换\map.dpr 187 2002-12-07
srcfans.com\Delphi大小写转换\map.res 876 2002-12-07
srcfans.com\Delphi大小写转换\myTest.txt 12029 2002-12-07
srcfans.com\Delphi大小写转换 0 2017-07-12
srcfans.com 0 2017-07-12

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