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 Description: A kernel based on the focus of the Flash figure show support digital button control, with digital control button, switch effect is fluent, switching between pictures and images with the method of fades, integral style is concise and beautiful, hope everyone can use.A few years ago the kernel based on the focus of the FLASH figure is more, now the browser support for FLASH plugin is not very good, so now use FLASH as the focal point of the kernel figure images wheel less and less.
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srcfans.com\搜狐圆边框Flash焦点图轮番打包下载\images\01.jpg 87542 2017-03-29
srcfans.com\搜狐圆边框Flash焦点图轮番打包下载\images\02.jpg 102754 2017-03-29
srcfans.com\搜狐圆边框Flash焦点图轮番打包下载\images\03.jpg 81050 2017-03-29
srcfans.com\搜狐圆边框Flash焦点图轮番打包下载\images\04.jpg 15106 2016-11-14
srcfans.com\搜狐圆边框Flash焦点图轮番打包下载\images\05.jpg 39337 2017-03-29
srcfans.com\搜狐圆边框Flash焦点图轮番打包下载\images\Thumbs.db 57344 2009-07-10
srcfans.com\搜狐圆边框Flash焦点图轮番打包下载\index.htm 1228 2017-03-31
srcfans.com\搜狐圆边框Flash焦点图轮番打包下载\js\sohuflash_1.js 7481 2009-07-10
srcfans.com\搜狐圆边框Flash焦点图轮番打包下载\js\Thumbs.db 146944 2008-07-23
srcfans.com\搜狐圆边框Flash焦点图轮番打包下载\pz2.swf 2569 2008-07-23
srcfans.com\搜狐圆边框Flash焦点图轮番打包下载\images 0 2017-03-31
srcfans.com\搜狐圆边框Flash焦点图轮番打包下载\js 0 2017-03-31
srcfans.com\搜狐圆边框Flash焦点图轮番打包下载 0 2017-03-31
srcfans.com 0 2017-03-31

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