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Title: javafilreworks Download
 Description: Through an example of making fireworks, using the interface technology and threads in Java2 technology.Through the interface technology, create the shape of the fireworks.Through the thread technology, control of fireworks play scene and playing time.This example code finished, save for: C: j2sdk1. 4.0 javaprograms Fireworks. Java.Open the command prompt window, and then at the command prompt window, locate the javaprograms directory, enter the javac Fireworks. Java to compile the program, finally the program is loaded into the web page.Operation method: open the Fireworks with a browser. The HTML file can see effect.Use the mouse to click in the browser panel, there will be a colorful fireworks effect.This example of knowledge points are: mouse events to monitor, Graphics and the application of the Thread class.
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srcfans.com\烟花\Fireworks.class 2976 2003-04-28
srcfans.com\烟花\Fireworks.html 97 2003-04-28
srcfans.com\烟花\Fireworks.java 3725 2017-02-03
srcfans.com\烟花\_desktop.ini 10 2006-11-19
srcfans.com\烟花\~$烟花.doc 162 2017-02-03
srcfans.com\烟花 0 2017-02-03
srcfans.com 0 2017-02-03

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