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Title: Modbus-Poll-by-Python-main Download
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  • Python
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  • 2021-02-22
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  • violin_
 Description: Realize the serial communication of Modbus. If the computer has no physical serial port, it needs to create a virtual serial port through VSPD to realize communication. This small software is only used as the master station of Modbus serial communication, and the slave station needs to download MODBUS slave to form interaction
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Modbus-Poll-by-Python-main 0 2020-11-30
Modbus-Poll-by-Python-main\Demo.py 2281 2020-11-30
Modbus-Poll-by-Python-main\Modbus Control.py 1526 2020-11-30
Modbus-Poll-by-Python-main\README.md 427 2020-11-30
Modbus-Poll-by-Python-main\UI.py 837 2020-11-30

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