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Title: productZoomer Download
 Description: JQuery Zoomer hovering zoom effects plug-ins, this is a local amplification, according to the direction of the mouse moving smart mouse area of the image to enlarge, when hovering in the picture, to enlarge the picture, after you remove the mouse back to insets state.This effect can be widely used in the product web site, the shopping website, also can see the effect in taobao.
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srcfans.com\productZoomer\css\master.css 112 2009-02-18
srcfans.com\productZoomer\img\christmas_obama_shirt-p235689010536917327u9nj_230.jpg 13046 2017-03-28
srcfans.com\productZoomer\img\christmas_obama_shirt-p235689010536917327u9nj_92.jpg 5923 2017-03-28
srcfans.com\productZoomer\img\Thumbs.db 9728 2009-06-15
srcfans.com\productZoomer\index.html 3724 2017-03-28
srcfans.com\productZoomer\js\jquery.js 55061 2017-03-28
srcfans.com\productZoomer\js\jquery.productZoomer.js 3935 2017-03-28
srcfans.com\productZoomer\css 0 2017-03-28
srcfans.com\productZoomer\img 0 2017-03-28
srcfans.com\productZoomer\js 0 2017-03-28
srcfans.com\productZoomer 0 2017-03-28
srcfans.com 0 2017-03-28

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