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Title: Tensorflowdemo Download
 Description: Collecting share some Tensorflow Python programming example source code, mainly: use the coordinator synergy thread processing (every two seconds 4 determine whether need to print their own ID), image preprocessing, the image using the jpeg format decoding and the 3 d image matrix), read TFRecord file and use the coordinator cooperative multithreading and use tf. Train. String_input_producer said in the input file queue processing code parsing methods about Tensorflow: Tensorflow provides two different attribute analysis method, a method is tf FixedLenFeature, such methods analytic results is a Tensor. Another way is to tf VarLenFeature, the analytic results of this method for SparseTensor, here to deal with sparse data parsing the format of the data needs and format of program written to the data on the consistent use of tf. QueueRunner and tf. The coordinator multi-threading queue operations management.There are other examples, along with the source code package download together.
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codesc.net\Tensorflow\7-1-1.py 1398 2017-05-19
codesc.net\Tensorflow\7-1-2.py 2372 2018-05-27
codesc.net\Tensorflow\7-2-1.py 2263 2018-05-27
codesc.net\Tensorflow\7-2-2.py 3471 2018-05-27
codesc.net\Tensorflow\7-3-1-1.py 566 2017-05-19
codesc.net\Tensorflow\7-3-1-2.py 866 2017-05-19
codesc.net\Tensorflow\7-3-1-3.py 1296 2017-05-19
codesc.net\Tensorflow\7-3-3.py 3911 2017-05-19
codesc.net\Tensorflow\7-3-4.py 2834 2017-05-19
codesc.net\Tensorflow\output_image 40263 2017-05-19
codesc.net\Tensorflow\test.jpeg 21543 2017-05-19
codesc.net\Tensorflow 0 2018-05-27
codesc.net 0 2018-05-27

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