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Title: BA45F5240 SmokeDetector Download
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  • SCM
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  • Asm
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  • Update:
  • 2021-02-20
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  • Frank Ao
 Description: Using the latest Flash microcontroller of Hetai smoke detector, complete scheme information of smoke alarm is provided The biggest feature of this product is smoke detector AFE and dual channel IR emission drive circuit, smoke detector AFE internal integration of dual operational amplifier and amplifier filter circuit, in addition to the traditional discrete components of AFE circuit fully integrated, but also through the software way to switch the operational amplifier, adjust the amplification gain and AC / DC coupling switching, in the application and development of more convenient and power saving, smoke-free stability is also improved.
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C30003-A1 0 2018-06-08
C30003-A1\BOM_C30003-A1.pdf 8686 2018-06-05
C30003-A1\CKT_C30003-A1 0 2018-06-08
C30003-A1\CKT_C30003-A1\CKT_C30003-A1.pdf 28401 2018-06-07
C30003-A1\CKT_C30003-A1\CKT_C30003-A1.SchDoc 103936 2018-06-07
C30003-A1\COD_C30003-A1 0 2018-06-08
C30003-A1\COD_C30003-A1\COD_C30003-A1.7z 43663 2018-05-31
C30003-A1\PCB_C30003-A1 0 2018-06-08
C30003-A1\PCB_C30003-A1\PCB_C30003-A1.PcbDoc 1250304 2017-09-28
C30003-A1\PCB_C30003-A1\PCB_C30003-A1.pdf 93483 2018-06-05

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