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Title: T5 Modbus OS-V8 Download
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  • Other systems
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  • Visual C++
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  • 2021-02-19
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  • lizijun
 Description: Dwin OS can be seen as a programmable platform of assembly language defined by Devin on Devin's platform. Register and change of screen The data address and database flash can be easily exchanged and processed through the register of OS, and the data can be judged and calculated. The common application of dwin OS is to deal with the communication of other non serial port 2 of Devon dgusii screen, which can analyze the user's data protocol and replace the user It not only reduces the cost, but also greatly improves the reliability. If it is processed by single-chip microcomputer, it is necessary to input the keyboard data and then receive it by serial port to make judgment. If the judgment is correct, the single-chip microcomputer sends the page through serial port
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T5 Modbus OS-V8\DWINOS_T5_Modbus_V8.bin 6475 2020-09-24
T5 Modbus OS-V8\T5_Modbus_V8.ASM 19796 2020-09-24
T5 Modbus OS-V8\VAR_T5_Modbus_V8.Lst 376 2020-09-24
T5 Modbus OS-V8 0 2020-09-24

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