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Title: tinybox Download
 Description: Tinybox popup loading content is an Ajax widgets, this sample code demonstrates its call to use demo source code.Tinybox can quickly achieve Ajax loading images on the web page display window, can also be floating display text box, page load box, such as content, similar to some Lightbox plug-ins.As shown for tinybox pop-up picture box.This effect plug-ins the floating window pops up, mouse click in pages of any place, which will close the pop-up box.
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srcfans.com\tinybox\advanced.html 513 2009-05-26
srcfans.com\tinybox\ajax.html 690 2009-05-26
srcfans.com\tinybox\images\preload.gif 6712 2009-05-26
srcfans.com\tinybox\images\rhino.jpg 27461 2009-05-26
srcfans.com\tinybox\index.html 5537 2018-02-04
srcfans.com\tinybox\packed.js 3581 2009-09-02
srcfans.com\tinybox\style.css 865 2009-05-26
srcfans.com\tinybox\tinybox.js 4231 2009-09-02
srcfans.com\tinybox\images 0 2018-02-04
srcfans.com\tinybox 0 2018-02-04
srcfans.com 0 2018-02-04

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