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Title: dwufuchess Download
 Description: Delphi written similar gobang game source code, this and gobang game is not the same, using Delphi7 compiler development.Pieces color: chess, scored red, black, loop variable, my innings, the other party innings, chess stage, choose the son, and son number according to your need to redefine in the source code, source code comments more rich, also please beginners learning in your spare time.This game code involved game programming, but also involves some basic Delphi programming skills, such as the use of image array, the 25 image to image array, coordinate the acquisition and control, etc.Games, of course, even more involved, such as the scoring mechanism, the implementation of playing chess, playing chess playing sounds, etc.
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srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码\favicon1.ico 3774 2010-08-10
srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码\images\dead.wav 18266 2004-03-02
srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码\images\Pang.wav 26860 2003-07-12
srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码\images\棋盘.jpg 38089 2010-08-08
srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码\images\棋盘.psd 881880 2010-08-08
srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码\images\红.bmp 9860 2010-08-08
srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码\images\红.psd 31750 2010-08-08
srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码\images\黑.bmp 9860 2010-08-08
srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码\Project1.cfg 434 2010-08-19
srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码\Project1.dof 2352 2010-08-19
srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码\Project1.dpr 188 2010-08-08
srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码\Project1.res 3884 2010-08-19
srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码\Unit1.dcu 13790 2010-08-19
srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码\Unit1.ddp 51 2010-08-19
srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码\Unit1.dfm 93409 2010-08-19
srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码\Unit1.pas 16305 2017-08-30
srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码\images 0 2017-08-30
srcfans.com\五福棋单机版delphi源代码 0 2017-08-30
srcfans.com 0 2017-08-30

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