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Title: memorysy Download
 Description: Delphi for memory usage information, use sizeof (MEMORYSTATUS) filling dwLength members, show the memory usage percentage, the obtained parameters are mainly: the total physical memory (in bytes), unused physical memory (bytes), and the size of the swap file (bytes), not use swap file size (bytes), virtual memory size (bytes), did not use virtual memory size (bytes).
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srcfans.com\内存使用\Project1.cfg 434 2007-04-27
srcfans.com\内存使用\Project1.dof 2646 2007-04-27
srcfans.com\内存使用\Project1.dpr 188 2007-04-27
srcfans.com\内存使用\Project1.res 876 2007-04-27
srcfans.com\内存使用\Unit1.dcu 4781 2007-04-27
srcfans.com\内存使用\Unit1.ddp 51 2007-04-27
srcfans.com\内存使用\Unit1.dfm 2960 2007-04-27
srcfans.com\内存使用\Unit1.pas 1492 2002-06-29
srcfans.com\内存使用 0 2016-07-23
srcfans.com 0 2017-03-04

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